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pradeepkumar suryawanshi

Dr. Pradeepkumar Suryawanshi
Head of Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering
022-25042424 / 25040508
(Ext : 234)


HoD Desk

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and core branches of engineering. Traditionally it has three streams namely Thermal, Design and the Manufacturing streams, and the curriculum has subjects belonging to all the three streams. With advancement of technologies in the past few decades, interdisciplinary subjects are being introduced in the curriculum, for example, integration of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Mechanical engineering has given rise to Mechatronics, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing is a result of integration of Computer Engineering with Mechanical Engineering etc. We are constantly upgrading not only our knowledge and skills but also the laboratories and infrastructure to cater to these changes. The department relies heavily on its qualified and experienced faculty members and the skilled laboratory and workshop technicians for all its activities, academic or otherwise.

Increase in the demand of skilled Mechanical Engineers in different sectors/industries is expected in near future (Source: Deloitte). ‘Make in India’ policy of the current Government also seems promising for the Mechanical Engineers. There are always going to be opportunities, however, to be successful we need to learn the basics very well, understand how to apply them in a given situation and always be adaptive to the changes in the technologies. I am sure that with the kind of training and overall grooming given at DBIT, our every student will become a successful Mechanical Engineer and an asset to the society.


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Department Of Mechanical Engineering,
2nd Floor, B Wing,
Don Bosco Institute Of Technology Premier Automobiles Road, Opp. Fiat Company, Kurla (W), Mumbai- 400 070
Telephone – 022-25042424 / 022-25040508
International –(+91)-22-25040682
email – dbit[at]