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Event description:

The student formula competition challenges teams of university under graduate and graduate students to conceive, design, fabricate, develop and compete with small formula style vehicle.


Spark three years ago,

Burns today as a torch with a bright perfect flame,

Lighting the path of 13.

Fuelled by passion and hard work.

There is no place for the lame.

Restless days and sleepless nights

Seven fought together with their might;

When the whole world said, “stop it that’s wrong!”.

A voice from above said, “Go ahead that’s right”.

Then on the 26th day of June 2017

We proved everyone that IT WAS RIGHT

When we loo failure in eye and




It was a dream an unfinished one to which we the team of 13 members moved an inch closer on the 26th June when we reached the home town of every Indian racer first dream BUDDH INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, Greater Noida the greatest and the only international race course in the entire nation

The challenge was too huge to be accepted for the first time and to reach where we are today it took us the courage to continue the dream which our seniors left incomplete, the dream of nearly a triennium and thousands of hours of hard work now finally went an inch closer and a year apart from victory.

Team members.


1 ERIC  Team Captain 9 CHINMAY Transmission department
2 GLADWYN  Manager 10 PRASSON Engine department
3  ALVIN  Breaking head 11 RYAN Engine department
4 FRANKLIN  Transmission head 12 ROHIT Electronic department
5 SUMEET  Suspension head 13 SHRADDESH Transmission department
6 STANLEY  Engine department 14 TANMAY Suspension department
7 SHELDON  Suspension department 15 ASHISH Transmission department
8 CLINTA  Management      
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