3D Printing Lab


Inhouse Printer - Ultimaker 3 Extended


  • The Ultimaker 3 Extended is a tall build, dual nozzle 3D printer, designed to provide either dual material, soluble support material or dual colour 3D printing.
  • The Ultimaker 3 Extended comes with two types of swappable print cores, for build (AA) and support (BB) materials. 
  • The Ultimaker 3 Extended has a tall build volume of up to 300mm in height and a maximum of 215mm in XY dimensions.


Value added Courses offered

1. One day workshop  - Overview of 3D Printing technology is given to students along with actual hands-on printing experience with 3D Printer

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2. Master Course in 3D Printing Technology – 5 days course with overview of various 3D Printing Technologies and case study examples.

  • Hands on experience with machine individually
  • Learn back end processing of 3D printer
  • Learn file formats


Research Projects

We work on interesting research projects along with our enthusiastic students in the areas of biomedical applications, robotics, product development, and many more

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1. Bio Mechanic Analysis of Wrist Joint (using open source tools)

  • Interestingly 3D Printing is used in almost all medical applications
  • In this project we have tried to use FDM 3D Printing to print plaster cast
  • It is light in weight, durable and very strong and it can be wore while bathing so no skin itching
  • Orthopedic surgeons have confirmed and acknowledged our work
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2. Generation of Brain Model from MRI Scan Data to Assist in Brain Surgery (using open source tools)

  • The potential of medical 3D printing for improved patient treatment is worldwide recognized
  • In this project the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) data is converted into 3D model by using AM (Additive Manufacturing) technique
  • Neurosurgeons have confirmed “having a live size model of patient’s brain with cut-section at tumor’s location provides greater aid in brain surgeries involving tumor removal “  


3. Prosthetic Arm with 3D Printing technology

  • This project studies and analyse low cost trans radial 3D printed prosthetic arm
  • The goal of this project was to make a body powered and EMG controlled 3D printed prosthetic arm
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Consultancy Projects

  • We have 3D printed some of the very complex parts as per customer requirements
  • These parts are directly used as end products at their end
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Consultancy Project for BARC Mumbai

  • Responsible for number of samples provided by BARC for 3D Printing using Ultimaker FDM 3D Printer
  • 3D Prints were taken by changing 5 different materials and several other properties
  • Successfully completed the project and BARC liked the quality of 3D Printed parts
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